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On copyright & GenAI

All the stories, artworks and miscellaneous forms of expression on this website are my own. Human-crafted without the use of generative AI.

 As a creator, I feel it is my duty to express myself. Not a mishmash of other people’s stolen property.

 Generative AI is the biggest art heist in history and the companies profiting from it are thieves who should be regulated. This is not a “tech-phobic” standpoint, it’s a human one.

 As a human I am under no illusion my art is perfect, my stories will have typos, errors of judgment and maybe even plotholes. But I would not be able to feel pride over my work if said work was made in any other way than with my own hands and using my own mind.

 As the sole creator of my works, I hold the copyright to them. I already have scripts in place keeping bots from crawling these pages but since you’re reading this I assume a pair of human eyes on the other side of this screen.

 If you wish to share my work, please share the link to said work. 

Do not enter my work into algorithmic datasets and do not use genAI tools to try and create content in my style.

 If you wish to commission my work or collaborate, get in touch, I don’t bite.

 Thank you for reading.

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