Universally enthusiastic chaos-artist & storyteller

Get in touch

For questions, complaints, compliments or just because you feel like it you can reach out to me at

There’s also a discord server. It’s a small and cosy place for fun people so feel free to come in and say hi.

For business inquiries

As a universally enthusiastic chaos-artist & storyteller (yes, that’s the title I’m sticking with) you may approach me for jobs in art, graphic design, singing, acting and writing.
Let it be known that I already have a fulltime job outside of the Gourdian that I enjoy very much and I don’t need to do freelance work in order to survive.

Meaning I’ll pick and choose whatever I want to work on for whatever rate I think is fair depending on the person, their budget and their message.

I will not use this website for displaying advertisements or endorsing your product/service so if that’s what you’re looking for I suggest you look elsewhere.

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