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In a city where the trees look at starsigns and the alchemists lurk in secret places. Dolls play cards while listening to music boxes and the devil is in the details.
Aside from the heart trilogy (which is a continuous story released in three parts) the stories can be read separately.

The doll heart trilogy


Bring you up


Taking on a job at the mansion of the industrious Winton family, Stegarius finds himself in the role of not just a tutor, but of father and friend.  

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Take me down


With the young master off to university you’d think that’d be the end of the story.
But then the boy goes missing and it becomes clear there’s a lot more going on than Stegarius could have anticipated.

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Further adventures


Mirror of me


Serenity has a dream of becoming a world-famous pianist just like the mother she knows she has, she just doesn’t know where she went. Even more mysteriously, a figure seems to be following her just as she’s about to make her big break.

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The jax and the wizard


This is a fairytale about a jax who wants to become human. It’s not a cheerful tale.

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