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The Royal Griffin

Because of the sheer size of the project (you may think this isn’t all that much now but oh dear, do I have plans) the project is broken up into sagas. Each saga has a theme and the cast may change from saga to saga.

The Jaobai saga

Hui Go and Elizabeth Chattoway have a lot in common.
They’re both headstrong, driven and have a strong sense of morality.
They both have families that don’t understand them. And they both enjoy sneaking out of the house looking for a taste of freedom.
The big difference however, is that Hui’s brothers and sisters are members
of the kashuya, a criminal organisation that rules the streets as the government does little to stop them.
And Elizabeth’s father is governor of the Jaobaian colony and spends his days doing… what exacly?
Aside from cheating on his wife and neglecting his daughter of course.


Journey to Venusia


Hui, Himowa, Elizabeth and Dana are off. Soaring the skies in the Royal Griffin airship.
A bright future is on the horizon, but can our crew leave the past in the past and enjoy the sunshine?

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