Outside the unconventional academy the wind howled and whined like a threat to all who wished to venture into the snowy woodland beyond.
Inside the fires crackled joyously while enchanted violins played festive songs throughout the classrooms. The wooden bow racing down glowing strings. 
Inside the west wing kneeled a tall woman with pale skin, arms reaching down at the hardwood floor.  Her hair was long, dark and pinned up in a complicated coifure that must have been out of fashion for at least a century. This created and interesting contrast with her lavender plaid suit interwoven with shades of blue and brown. Her face got bathed in red for in her hands she held a wand cut from yellowing bone and as she dragged it across the wooden boards a red glowing trail followed. 
She expanded the patterns meticulously, a line here, a rune here. 
Then she looked up, and addressed the class. “Now that I’ve drawn the circle I must supply the raw materials.” She pulled herself upright again and headed to her desk. 
The paper bag had sat there all class long eluding the students to the contents.
She opened it with a small flourish to reveal milk, eggs, butter, flour and spices before continuing. “Now technically you can drop these on a big heap in the center and it’ll work but alchemic circles are an artform so I implore you to not do that and instead keep with the aesthetic of the circle. As long as you stay within the second perimeter it’s fine so what I’m going to do is circle my eggs like so, create a ring of spices, chop up the butter and leave the milk in the middle.” The woman fussed for a bit with ritual knives and a ruler before getting up and focusing her wand to the center of the circle. The end of her wand glowed softly as she spoke “Synnyttää” 
White smoke filled the circle but instead of drifting all the way up to the ceiling it stuck around in a hemisphere shape within the second line, halted by an invisible barrier. 
“The progress takes longer of shorter depending on the complexity of the task but this- ah there we go” The teacher clapped her hands as the bubble burst open, the smoke dissipating, filling the room with the distinct smell of Christmas cake. She pulled out the knife again and began to slice “Now a couple notes to keep in mind. Firstly you must measure out your ingredients in this spell because the circle will use 100% of the materials you put in it. Secondly this is a very quick and dirty way of working, your product will be very homogenous, so things like tier cakes or petit fours aren’t going to end well for you.” She put the knife down, then clicked her tongue “And I feel I should not have to say this but since I know some of you like taking risks” her eyes drift to towards a particular set of students near the end of the classroom. “Never ever put a living being inside one of these.  Understood?” The class murmured a general ‘okay’ in response.
“Good, then you can all have a slice of cake to bring to lunch.” The cake, now divided, flew up into the air and scattered leaving a piece a person on every desk.
“Thank you countess Valery.” The students said in what was probably supposed to be unison.
She smiled “You’re welcome and merry Christmas to you all, class is dismissed but I do want to talk to the Braidy sisters for a bit.”
And just like that all the eyes in the room turned to the two ladies in the back, one with purple hair, one with white. 
Isobel grunted, Kari just kept silent,  eyes glued to her desk.
“I said class was dismissed didn’t I?” The countess repeated a bit more firmly this time and slowly but surely the classroom emptied out again with students happily munching down on magic cake and chatting about the holidays. 
Two students strayed towards the back to the group. A black boy, dressed in tweed and named Nelson mouthed a “good luck” to the ladies. Joshua, the wolf-boy just sneaked a thumbs-up. 
Then they left.
Countess Valery closed the door with a sigh, wiped the floor clean in a single flick and walked to the end of the classroom. “Kari, Isobel, I’m sure the two of you already know what I want to say.” She started, sitting down on the desk one row before the girls’. 
“If we already know then why bother?” Isobel shot back defiantly, arms crossed.
Underneath the table Kari kicked her sister.
“What? I’m right.” The goth exclaimed indignantly.
The teacher took a deep breath before continuing “I bother, because you and your sister are both very skilled in the art of magic yet you seem compelled to squander that in favor of outrageous parties and getting cursed.
Isobel grunts “That was one time.”
“You went into the dreamlands just to hand out some invitations, got cursed by the black worms, almost died and the defense you give me is ‘that was one time?’” her voice carries a hint of scorn that’s hard to hide. “I’m literally immortal and even I don’t dare go into the dreamlands as casually as the two of you sauntered in. 
It had indeed been foolish to send invitations through another plane of existence. It’s true that the ‘black worm avalanche’ (as the other students like to call it) cursed the last person to leave the shared dream state.
That person being Isobel.
They found out after the party, the only way to break it was to get the teachers involved.
It was a whole thing, you kinda had to be there. 
But suffice it to say the sisters got into a lot of trouble over it.
Isobel huffed “You know you gave us this exact speech last year right? Also, it’s been a year, are you going to keep this against it until we graduate?” 
“I most certainly will, but this isn’t about that. I’m reminding you I haven’t forgotten about it and I’m warning you now that if you pull a stunt like that again this year, it won’t just end with the faculty fighting their way through waves cultists to save their student’s life. It’ll end with the both of you heading home for the holidays and not coming back again, assuming you’re still alive that is.”
“You think we’re stupid enough to try that again?” Isobel asked flicking her wand in an impatient manner.
“I hope not, but I can’t be sure now can I?” the countess retorted sarcastically before taking on a more professional tone again “Isobel you’re dismissed, I want a word with Kari.” 
“Fine.” the girl got up with a huff, stuffed her wand in her pocket, picked up her bag and then squeezed Kari’s shoulder comfortingly “I’ll see you in the usual spot.”
Kari simply nodded weakly, face pale.
The sound of the door closing made her heart skip a beat.
Countess Valery clicked her tongue at the exit “I don’t know how that girl manages to push my buttons every time.”
The girl twiddled her thumbs nervously as she spoke “It’s probably because she’s an empath.” Her voice was timid like a mouse in front of a cat who’s also hot for some reason.
Well that analogy fell flat, Kari bit her lip.
The teacher, hopefully unaware sighed “Now, I don’t know what the two of you are planning this year. Frankly I’m not sure I want to know but I’m quite certain I’ll have a better chance trying to get through to you than your stubborn sister.”
“We’re not planning anything.” Kari squeaked keeping her eyes glued to the desk and feeling painfully aware of the fluster building on her face.
The teacher sounds surprised “Good, keep it that way. I don’t want any of you getting hurt.”
Kari nods “I know.”
At that the sternness in countess Valery’s face melted away “You’re a good kid Kari, so is your sister even if she likes to act tough. And I very much like to see the both of you back here in the new year, got it?” The teacher smiled comfortingly, Kari smiled back trying her best to ignore the butterflies thumping around in her stomach. “I got it.”
“You’re dismissed, enjoy the holidays.”
“You too countess Valery.” 
Kari left the classroom and rushed in the direction of the food court for a bit.
Then right in front of the door changed directions completely and headed up the spiral staircase that lead to the library.
The library was near empty with the students all busy eating. 
The librarian looked up from her desk and shot Kari a suspicious look as she walked in.
The girl stuffed her hands in her pockets and pretended not to see it.
The walk had given her time to think, now just to find the words to break it to the group.
“Hey guys.” She waved a bit glumly as she sat down besides Nelson on the old leather sofa.
Joshua who was quite engrossed in the papers on the table looked up at her with alarm and exclaimed “Kari! Did countess Valery drink your blood and turn you into a zombie?”
“What? No! Of course not, she’s our teacher.”
“And a pretty vampire.” The wolf kid counters.
The librarian hissed for them to be quiet.
Nelson sighed “What Joshua tries to say is you look pale, are you okay?”
Isobel put an arm around her sisters neck “She will be once we get to partying-“
“About that.” Kari took a moment to pick the words “I don’t think it’s wise to do the plan after all.”
Three pairs of eyes looked at her in disbelief.
Like always the wolf kid was the first to pipe up “You gotta be kidding Kari.” He groaned “We put weeks into this plan.”
Isobel let go of her sister “Kari you couldn’t be any more of a teacher’s pet right now.”
“I’m not! It’s just, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to get expelled.”
“She said you’ll get expelled?” Nelson asked, alarm in his voice.
“Both of us, if we get caught again.”
“But we’re still in the clear right?” Joshua asked quickly pointing to himself and Nelson.
“I mean you never got caught and we didn’t rat you out so yeah.” Isobel rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
“For which we are very grateful, thank you.” Nelson cut in, in an attempt to ease the growing tension “Now in that case how about this? Last year the two of you took the big risks when organizing so how about this year Joshua and I do the stuff that could get us caught? That way if we do, which we won’t but just in case, the two of you will be in the clear and we’ll take the detention, lectures and disappointed looks from the faculty.”
“And the curses!” Joshua added with a grin.
“Let’s not go that far buddy.” Nelson ruffled the boy’s hair, then set his eyes on Kari expectantly.
“I don’t know, it’s not just the risk of being found out or cursed. The teachers judge us for our use of the dreamlands but they don’t even know about how you got lost in crackaby house and got almost offed by wild dogs. We really made a mess of it last time. It’s probably best to just settle for the school party.”
“How about we call last year a learning experience so we can do things better this year?” Isobel put her head on Kari’s shoulder “Pleaaaase, we did the school party when we were freshers and it was the lamest thing. Also I don’t know about you but after we cleaned up the mess I had a bunch of fun.”
Kari bit her lip “Until you figured out you were cursed and dying.”
“You should really stop bringing that up.” Isobel grunted, annoyance clear as day “We’re not doing the dreamlands thing this time, we're going old school. Tried and true method, it’s gonna be fine.”
“But-.” Kari started but she found her mouth suddenly shutting involuntarily. She pulled an accusing eyebrow at Isobel as she fidgeted with her wand.
“Kari, I want to throw this party, if you don’t, that’s okay, you don’t have to, But like Joshua said we put weeks into making this plan and I’m not giving it up just because ‘countess pretty face’ tells me I should.” 
“’Countess pretty face’ just wants what’s best for us.” Kari bit back pulling her wand out her pocket.
Nelson put up his hands “Ladies, ladies how about we all just calm down for a bit and look at this rationally? Kari doesn’t want in, Isobel does, Joshua what do you want?”
“Well I don’t want to go to the school party. That stuff’s dreadful.”
“Agreed.” Nelson scooped the papers off the tables and leafs through then “We’d have to rewrite some parts of the plan to make sure it works for three but that should be doable.”
Kari crossed her arms “So you’re just going to go ahead without me?
“If you want we can invite you as a guest?” Nelson added “That way if you get caught you get a slap on the wrist at most.”
“That’s not the point” the girl let out an exasperated sigh. “How about we just party during the holidays? Away from school when they got nothing on us.”
“And expect everyone to just travel to our place? No one’d show up!” Isobel retorted immediately.
Joshua’s dog ears lay flat on his head as he spoke “Look Kari, I appreciate you trying to look out for us but you can’t really keep us from trying.”
“Fine!” Kari shot up from the sofa in a huff, took a step, looked back and said “Just...don’t get caught okay?”
“Well there goes one partner in crime.” Nelson sighed as the footsteps died down.
“Are you sure we shouldn’t have tried harder to keep her in the plan?” Joshua asked holding his tail in his hands.
“If she wants to go, she wants to go. Simple as that.” Isobel stated matter-of-factly, though it was painfully obvious by her flushed face she was quite furious.
“Right, let’s just get to it.” Nelson said pulling a red marker from his breast pocket.
Like last year invitations were the first priority, but unlike last year the dreamlands were off limits. 
They had to do this the old fashioned way. Disappearing ink and a lot of stops.
There wasn’t a student in the place who wouldn’t try uncovering a message on a blank piece of paper they found in their bag and or coat. Unfortunately, teachers used to be students at one point so they wouldn’t fall for ‘it’s just a blank sheet’ either. The volume didn’t help either, last time they invited everyone in one go, but now they had to deliver each and every invitation by hand meaning there were a lot of stops to make and a lot of times things could go wrong.
The best chance they got was working at night, and so we found Nelson and Joshua creeping down stone hallways without a lantern.
“Maybe if you stop rubbing your eyes the itching will stop?” Joshua offered.
“I doubt it.” Nelson sighed “Night-vision magic is a nightmare, can’t I just have dog-eyes like you?” 
“Only if I bite you.” Joshua gave Nelson a playful push. 
Nelson chuckled awkwardly "right."
Nelson upped his pace, Joshua followed.
No one spoke until they arrived at the girl’s dorm. 
The boys dorms were easy, ‘just pretend you have to go to the loo if someone finds you.’
But that excuse didn’t fly in here. Getting caught was not an option.
“You know I’m starting to regret we told Isobel to lay low.” Joshua swallows.
“Well it wouldn’t be fair to get out of it just cause it’s awkward. Besides everyone should be asleep, so if we just drop the notes at the right beds we’ll be out of there in no time.”
“Where should drop them though? We can’t put them under the pillows and the nightstand is far too obvious.”
Nelson shrugged while rubbing his eyes “People will have a bag somewhere, or a suitcase or something. It’ll be fine just come on, standing out here in the open is stressing me out.”
They entered girls dormitory.
The one place in the school they’ve never been before.
The forbidden chamber...
And it looked…
Exactly the same as the boys dorm. Same mass produced wooden beds, same nightstands. same crazy-ugly wallpaper even the placement of the windows was the same.
Joshua looked at Nelson with shock, Nelson just signaled him to get going.
The notes were unnamed for the simple, practical reason that there was no way to check you had the right note while written in invisible ink. Which was good because it was very dark and very hard to see anything in there. 
And it was getting darker still.
Oh wait…
Oh shit!
Nelson turned to the darkness and hissed “Josh.”
“Shhhh.” Joshua hushed in return.
Nelson’s heart was pounding in his throat “Josh I can’t see anything. help. me”
“The spell must have worn off. Just get over here and get me out of this place.” 
“You know I can hear you right?” a girl’s voice whispered from the inky black.
The hair on Nelson’s neck jumped on-end “Who’s there?”
“Name’s Selina, are you two stealing girl-things?”
“What? no we’re sending out invites.”
“In the middle of the night?” She sounded less than convinces.
“I mean when else to do it? During the day when the teachers can spot us.” Nelson counter-whispered as he tried for time.
There was a silence, presumably that had gotten the girl thinking “Fair, do I get an invite?”
“Sure.” Nelson said holding out a piece of paper, a cold hand grabbed it from the darkness.
“All right, blind bat, let’s get you out of here.” Joshua whispered and two hands appeared on Nelson’s shoulders pulling him up gently. 
“All right our job’s done, seeya Selina.”
“Selina? Never heard of her, did you ask which class she was from?” Isobel asked the next morning as her pen danced down the paper making the replacement invitation. 
“We didn’t talk that much, she just asked if she could come and I was afraid she’d tell on us if we hadn’t.”
“Good call, don’t worry about it.” She waved her wand made from black ebony and watched the text vanish as she spoke the words “katoavat kirjoitukset.”. she folded the note in half twice “I’ll slip this into Sally’s pocked over lunch, after that we’re done right?”
“With the invitations at least.”
“We can head into town for food and drinks in three days then stash them at arena until party time.”
“I just hope no one finds them in the meantime.” Joshua's ears drooped at the thought.
“Game season will have ended two weeks ago by then, I doubt anyone will have reason to go check in.”
“And even if they do they won’t know it’s ours.” Nelson added.
“They’d probably think it’s the club’s”
“Yeah, okay.”
“So yeah, piece of cake, I don’t know what Kari was so paranoid about, well done boys.” Isobel smiled, high fives were exchanged.
Part one of the plan complete.
Time flies when you’re planning hijinks and soon enough the whole crew was welcoming guests at their party.
Well, almost the whole crew. Kari was sitting by herself on a chair by the dancefloor wondering why the school insist on playing music that hasn’t been relevant for decades.
The punch in her hand was so watered down she suspected she’d drown before she got drunk. 
Maybe she could eat her body weight in cake and at least go out on a sugar high?
This whole party feels like extended break time. 
Some students managed to make the party their own, bringing cards and having the ‘wholesome kind of fun.’
But most of them were just hanging around wondering when the fun is due to begin until they gave up and went to bed.
“Kari, I’m glad to see you here, where’s your sister?” Countess Valery asked as she sat down next to her. 
Kari huffed “She’d rather step into a generation circle than come here. She’s just moping in the dorm.”
“I see, it’s a shame, these kinds of parties are much more fun with friends.”
“I guess.”
“I know the faculty isn’t as hip or cool as you’re used to, but we’re playing mareia in the corner if you want in. No real money bets of course cause we have to set an example but it’s still good fun.”
And that’s the moment Kari’s face decided it had the ambition to be a tomato “Oh well, don’t mind if I do.”
Meanwhile back in the stadium there was real music playing, and real booze sloshing down the sides of cheap plastic cups as people were partying it up.
Isobel had found the way to the dancefloor while Nelson was enjoying a prime spot behind the bar and mixing drinks for fun. 
“Can I have a screwdriver?” Joshua sat down on the stacked beer crates that substituted for bar stools. 
“Sure thing, you want rocks with that?”
“Nah, just neat.”
“Just know I’m not liable if you knock yourself down pal.”
“After the amount of work we put into setting this up today I think getting knocked down is just what I need. Either that or being swept off my feet.”
Nelson rolled his eyes while collecting the bottles from underneath the makeshift bar “I sure hope countess Valery stays well away today if you don’t mind.”
“Wasn’t talking about her.”
“Huh?” There’s a thumb from under the bar followed by Nelson tossing the bottles on the bar and rubbing his head.
“Never mind, do you know if Selina turned up?”
“Are you kidding? I don’t even know what she looks like.” He waved his hands in front of his eyes to drive the point home.
“Oh yeah…”
“Speaking off, what did she look like?”
“Long hair, pale skin, fangs-“
“Yeah pretty sure she’s a vampire.”
Nelson’s eyes grew wide with panic “Tell me you’re joking.”
Joshua tried to wave the worries away “Don’t worry she’s probably tame like Valery and-“
“Joshua, we don’t have vampire students at the unconventional academy!”
“Well that explains why Isobel had no idea who she was…”
Nelson set the glass down with a thump “Perfect, just perfect, we invited a rogue vampire into the party.”
“Right.” Joshua grabbed the drink, knocked it back and yelled “I’ll fetch Isobel!”
Did you know that teachers are people too?
It’s quite obvious when you think about it but even so Kari never saw the teachers this…normal before. At least the ones that weren’t Valery.
She was up against a teacher called 'Nightshade', she wasn't quite sure what he taught, all she knew was that he's crazy powerful and possibly immortal?
He anazyled the pieces one by one eyes focussed while the other teachers hung around and complained about the punch. 
“I get why they water it down but they can’t just add water and nothing else. Are a couple sticks of cinnamon and apple slices too much to ask?” The potion teacher complained swirling the limp drink around in her glass.
“If it were up to me they'd fill the bowl with straight vodka.” Nightshade shrugged as he moved a piece on the board. 
“For real?” Kari asked baffled.
“Yeah why not, these kids are gonna get hammered over holiday anyway we’re just fooling ourselves in thinking they can’t handle a bit of booze.”
“What they do in their own time is their business, but at school we keep things civil.” an older lady countered, Kari knows she teaches the exam classes exlusively, but quite forgot what her subject was supposed to be.
“Yeah yeah.” Nightshade rolled his eyes.
“Don’t listen to him Kari, he’s just trying to distract you from the board. He always gets talkative when he’s about to lose.” Valery told Kari with a smile.
“Kari! Kari! Do you hear me!?” the sound of Isobel’s voice suddenly invading Kari’s head made her shoulders jump and her fingers tense up.”
“You okay?” countess Valery asked.
“Sorry, bathroom now.” Kari jumped up and walked out with another word.
Hissing “What!?” the moment she passes out the door. 
“We got a rogue vampire here, we need your help.”
“A rogue vampire? Is that code? Countess Valery is at the party you know.”
“No I mean an actual honest-to-god rogue vampire we accidentally invited to the bash.”
“How did you-?”
“Story too long, get ass over here.”
“I’ll be right there.”
“Be right where?” Countess Valery asked behind her.
“Countess…I’m going to…the dorm?” Kari stammered awkwardly as her ears started to burn.
“Sure let’s go together, see how your sister’s getting on.”
The teacher crossed her arms and but on her game-face “Tell me honestly, did the two of you throw a party again?”
“No, well, not me at least.” Kari said fumbling with her thumbs.
The countess sighed “Kari, I had hoped you’d keep your sister in check.”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
“Well I didn’t okay!?” Kari shouted as every emotion she knew hit her at once ”I’m not happy about it, I’m not proud about it but guess what? Isobel is her own person and just cause I’m the older sister doesn’t mean I can get her to do whatever I please.” The girl’s hands were shaking her breath was trembling. She wanted to cry, but she didn’t have the time. “Look, be mad all you want I need to go help my friends with a rogue vampire or something.”
“Rogue vampire!? I’m coming with.”
Kari rolled her eyes “Great.”
At the party things seemed to be under control, as long as you discount the three party planners panicking in the corner.
Isobel and Joshua were holding hands, eyes closed. Behind Isobel’s eyelids a purple glow radiated out “All right now think of what you saw.”
“I am.”
“Can you concentrate harder? The image is really dark.”
“Well duh, it was night time.”
Nelson sighed “How about the just throw holy water over everyone we don’t recognize?”
Joshua opened his eyes “Not gonna lie that sounds like it might work.”
“We’re going to piss people off…” Isobel warned.
“Not as much as when people die.” Nelson countered.
The doors swung open and crashed against the wall as countess Valery stepped heels-first into the party.
“The fuck is she doing here!?” Isobel hissed.
“Josh I swear to god if you invited her-.”
“I’m not that stupid.” 
“Are you sure?”
All around students were jumping out of sight, hiding behind chairs, kegs, whatever.
Nelson quickly stepped in front of Isobel whispering “Duck.”
The countess seemed to be unphased by the empty bottles and crumpled cups. She walked in, kicked a bottle to the side and clapped her hands “Selina? Selina wherever you are, I’ll count to three and if you’re not here when I reach three I’ll come looking for you, you hear me!? One-.”
The vampire Selina appeared as if out of thin air “I wasn’t doing anything nasty I swear.”
“Selina I told you to stay in my room until the start of the holidays.”
“But it’s boring in there! I got invited and everything look!” the girl handed off the blank piece of paper.
“Näytä kirjoitus.” The teacher chanted waving a hand over the note and lo and behold, a message appeared. 
“How did you get this?”
“Those boys gave it to me in the girls dorm.”
Nelson and Joshua wave awkwardly “Sorry about that countess.”
Valery put her hand on her forehead “All right, Selina, you two, Kari, Isobel…Isobel!?”
Isobel got up again with a sigh “Over here.”
“With me.”
The squad followed the teacher out the stadium and into the changing rooms where the smell of dirty sock purveys until the end of time. 
“Sit, all of you.”
“I can’t believe you’d rat us out.” Isobel sneered at Kari.
Kari waved her hands in innocence “I didn’t, she followed me out when I took your telepathy.”
The teacher clapped her hands again, seizing conversation “All right I need to wrap my head around a couple things starting with you Selina. What were you doing in the girl’s dorm?”
The girl looked down to her feet, shoulders drooping “I was exploring.”
“And how many times did I tell you expressly not to do that?”
“You’d think that’d be enough but apparently not.” The vampire sighed “Okay next, you two, Nelson and Josh I believe?”
“I guess…” Joshua said a tad disappointedly.
“What were you doing in the girl’s dorm?”
“Like Selina said, we were handing out invitations.” Nelson confirmed. 
“And you Isobel?”
The girl rolled her eyes “Would you believe me if I told you I’d have nothing to do with it.”
“Well…I’d be skeptical.”
“Then why bother?”
“Well, this is a mess.”
“I’ll say, so how come Selina’s here in the first place? I though visitors weren’t allowed on school grounds except on special occassions.” Nelson asked with a gleam in his eyes.
“Oh yeah, good question.” Isobel concured.
The teacher sighed “Right, you’re just gonna love the irony. Selina’s my sister, she normally lives up in the mountains with the rest of the family but it’s storm season this time of year which is not the ideal environment for a young vampire who likes running around and doing whatever, so our parents asked if she could stay with me in the city for the holidays, I said yes, and then they dropped her off a week early and…well I couldn’t send her back so she’s just been in my room the whole time. Well,  except for the times she went ‘exploring’ and gave me a near heart attack.”
“So what you’re saying is everyone here broke the rules except Kari?” Joshua asked baffled.
“Ha, goody two shoes." Isobel gave her sister a playful push "Should we tell the chairman about Selina?”
“Oh maybe we should?” Nelson played along.
“Why would the chairman want to know?” Joshua tilted his head in confusion.
The teacher just sighed “Right, right I get it, you want me to let you all off the hook.”
“Very much yes and thank you.” Isobel said crossing her legs.
“Technically I did nothing wrong.” Kari chimed in.
“All right not so fast, did you go through the dreamlands? Use any dark magic? Risky magic?”
“We used invisible ink and a levitation spell to carry the snacks.” Isobel scoffed.
“Right, and will you clean up after?”
“Of course. The goal is not to get caught after all.” Nelson shrugged. 
“Right…” The vampire rubbed her temples, then pulled her sister off the sticky bench “I’m taking Selina back to my room, make sure everything’s clean tomorrow and we won’t speak of this again.”
“All right!”
And so the gangs partied the rest of the night undisturbed. Friendships were saved, fun was had until it was time to clean but with four pairs of hands it does make for lighter work.  
Countess Valery kept her word and never spoke of the incident again.
Meaning none of these kids learned their lesson after all.  
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